Buy WoW Classic Gold – Important Info

Farming WoW Gold is one of the most important skills to master in World of Warcraft. You need to get good at it so you can buy all the expensive gear and mounts being sold in the game. If you’ve ever found yourself bankrupt or wondered how to earn Gold faster than you can spend it, read on to learn the best ways to farm Gold—and maybe even have fun along the way. For better tips visit Buy WoW Classic Gold.

AoE Grinding

Several classes have the ability to kill many monsters at the same time, which can speed up your collection of WoW Gold. Protection paladins and Death Knights can restore their HP and cast area-of-effect spells which make it easy to defeat multiple enemies at the same time—a strategy now commonly known as AoE grinding.

These specs can engage three or more mobs at a time and efficiently kill them for faster WoW Gold earnings. If you’re a warrior or feral druid, you might need the help of a healer to accomplish the same feat.

Other classes can also do AoE grinding by forming a three-man team composed of a tank, DPS and healer. While the Gold will be split three ways, this will be compensated by a faster kill rate and lower repair bills from deaths.

Dungeon Runs

Whether you’re still leveling up or at the end-game, queuing up for dungeon runs is one of the best ways to farm World of Warcraft Gold.

Mobs inside dungeons not only drop WoW Gold, they are more likely to drop green and blue items which can be sold at any vendor or auction house. Completing each dungeon also rewards WoW Gold so the faster you clear dungeons, the fatter your gold haul will be per hour.

Just like AoE grinding, forming a dependable team is key to quick, death-free dungeon runs. The tanks and healers should make sure to protect the rest of the team and prevent one-shot deaths from bosses (those repair bills cost a lot!) while the DPS should learn spell rotations that can kill monsters quickly.

Quest Chaining

If you’re more of the solo type, quest chaining is a viable strategy to rack up the money fast. Each completed quest gives you WoW Gold so start at quest hubs located in each region. After you’ve filled up your quest log with missions, open your mini-map and plan the most efficient way of completing them.

A great rule of thumb to follow is to turn in quests at the same time. This lowers your travel time to and from the quest givers. Use the hearthstone liberally to cut down even more travel time. Save up for the 16-slot bags (or better) so you don’t have to go town every five minutes to sell items and free up your inventory space.